Why Choose Recruitment Coach?

Seven reasons why our recruitment & retention advice,
support & strategies will take your business further

  1. We achieve big results with simple, long-lasting strategies
    We understand that some traditional human resources processes can get awfully complicated, not to mention expensive. Our philosophy is about simplifying HR and Recruitment processes so that every business has access to simple but effective systems and strategies and we are proud that we can offer these in a cost effective manner
  2. We consider the big picture to ensure ‘All cogs are turning together’
    We're passionate about supporting small-medium businesses to achieve their vision and goals, through the perfection of their people strategies. We look further than providing just a HR solution -- we look at the big picture before recommending solutions.
  3. We're active "Industry Thought-Leaders", keeping you ahead of the curve
    We're active contributors to the HR and Recruitment industry. We publish in our blog regularly and our staff feature in external guest blogs and websites. Our managing director Paula Maidens speaks at business seminars and conferences on HR and Recruitment topics.
  4. We have flexible options to suit just about any business
    'Done for you' services are our forte, but we also teach 'best practice' HR methods to business owners and executives. We offer training, seminars and an online 'E-Toolkit' containing our proprietary strategies, tools and templates.
  5. We take a holistic view, so you get deeply strategic, actionable insights
    We're experienced in many disciplines, including: HR Support, Recruitment, Job Descriptions & KPIs, Staff Turnover, Remuneration & Reward, Performance Management, Staff Surveys, and Policies & Procedures.
  6. We respond to your unique situation - no cookie cutters in sight
    We never take a 'one size fits all' approach. All of our solutions are tailored for each individual client - ensuring your business receives both objective and relevant strategies and coaching that deliver maximum results.
  7. We provide first-hand coaching to ensure perfect execution
    Many of our solutions allow us to teach by example. In many cases, we'll jump in and demonstrate how to properly conduct an interview or performance review.

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