Employee Resignations & Counter Offers

Stay ahead of employee resignations by proactively managing recruitment, retention and reward to ensure your valued employees will want to continue to stay with your business.

At Recruitment Coach, we believe that focused recruitment, retention and reward strategies can reduce the number of surprise resignations in your business.

By proactively managing employee retention, you'll know which employee is likely to leave and which is likely to stay! And although you can never be 100% in control, we can help if you find yourself in a situation where a valued employee is resigning - and you'll quickly find it's not as simple as merely 'beating your competitor's offer'.

Dealing with Surprise Resignations

Recruitment Coach can train you how to identify the 'likely leavers' by helping you understand your employees' engagement levels and real motivations. Both these techniques will ensure business continuity!

Financial rewards may get staff in the door – but intangible rewards cause employees to remain motivated to excel and stay with their employer.

Recruitment Coach will also help you to minimise surprise resignations, through helping you to develop intangible rewards that your competitor can’t match. We’ll help you develop inexpensive and practical strategies, such team building and developing a great workplace culture, that will ensure your employees want to stay! Leave? Why would they want to?

And if a surprise resignation does occur, Recruitment Coach will guide you through this unpredictable situation and support your business in bouncing back from the loss of a key employee.

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