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Recruitment Coach has developed a no-cost Human Resources Healthcheck, where will identify areas for improvement in your recruitment and retention process, and explore time and money saving options for your business.

We can help your business:

  1. Find, hire, and keep talented employees who consistently and reliably help you reach your business goals.
  2. Reduce HR-related costs while maintaining quality and employee focus.
  3. Understand current compensation trends so you remain competitive—and within budget.
  4. Keep your employees motivated, happy, and productive so your business runs efficiently.
  5. Quickly and inexpensively train new employees so they start producing on their first day.
  6. Identify and nurture leaders so you can promote from within and not have to find managers and executives on the open market—which can be expensive and difficult.
  7. Discover what really motivates employees—this will surprise you.
  8. Learn how companies use policy and procedures to improve efficiency and create a productive corporate culture.

Remember: Your employees are your most valuable asset. Get HR right and you can thrive. Get key HR decisions wrong and the consequences can be devastating.

To schedule the healthcheck, complete the form on your right or call us on 1300 389 383.

Here's what James Charlesworth, managing director of Simple, wrote about his consult with Recruitment Coach.

It was beneficial to discuss with Recruitment Coach our people strategies, and to identify what processes were working well and where there was potential for improvement.

An experienced RecruitmentCoach human resources expert conducts the healthcheck. The consult takes approximately one hour and there is no charge and no obligation.

We've "seen it all" when it comes to HR and we're happy to share our experience during the consult.

Schedule your "Human Resource Healthcheck" now. Complete the form on the right or call us on 1300 389 383.

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"Even the most experienced of the team thought it was a great session"

-Roz Harding-Smith
Patient Services

"Very thought-provoking and gave some good options!"

-Cath Tester
Practice Manager,
Gill McKerrow Accountants