Select Staff

Select staff with the skills to succeed in your business - We'll help you to make a confident hiring decision, by ensuring that you have the information to select the right person for the job, rather than the one with the best interviewing skills.

Interviewing Techniques & Assistance

Skill & Behavioural Tests

We'll design your interviewing processes for any position, help you conduct the interviews, or show you how to do it like an expert:

  • Designed to test all required skills and behaviours
  • Assistance conducting interviews from an experienced Recruitment Coach (Optional)
  • Gain all the information that you need to make confident hiring decisions

We'll help you to explore and understand each candidate's real experience, skills, and team/cultural fit, so you can make a fully informed hiring decision - every time.

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Candidate Screening Assistance

Recruiting for a role with too many applications and not sure where to start? Recruitment Coach can help you save your valuable time:

  • We do all the screening for you (Resume and telephone screens) to find a great list of candidates to interview
  • No more resumes clogging up your inbox that need attention
  • Fast turnaround - Don't miss out on top-quality candidates

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Skills & Behavioural Testing

Screening Assistance

Ever wondered how you can tell if a candidate can really do what they say they can? We have a range of skills and behavioural testing solutions to help you determine a candidate's true level of ability and team fit:

  • Skills tests - Find out if your potential employees can perform in the role
  • Powerful behavioural tests to identify how a candidate really behaves in the workplace
  • Determine if they will fit into the position and your culture

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Next Step:

Once you've found a great candidate, start them on the road to success with an effective Induction Process - we'll show you how.