Salary Research

Determine fair, competitive salary packages that suit your budget and motivate your employees - Recruitment Coach can help by conducting full market research to ensure your salary packages are meeting business and employee needs.

Salary Package Research & Guidance

Salary Research for Employers

Ensure that your remuneration is competitive and fair - Recruitment Coach will help you to reduce the threat of your competitors while motivating employees to excel, with expertly designed salary packages:

  • Offer competitive salary packages and payrises with confidence
  • Find out what your competitors are paying their staff - Reduce the risk of staff turnover
  • Full market research to your specifications - your selected roles, industries, and locations
  • Professional analysis & practical recommendations from a qualified Recruitment Coach to identify a salary package that meets your business' and employees' needs

Through well planned and researched remuneration packages and employee reward schemes, we will help you perfect your remuneration policy and reduce the threat of your competitors.

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