Leadership Development

The quality of management skills can have either a hugely positive or hugely negative effect on staff - excellent leadership results in drastically improved employee satisfaction, loyalty and performance! On the other hand, poor management can lead to surges in turnover, reduced morale and performance.

Recruitment Coach will help your business to strengthen the skills of your management team, with flexible employee training and coaching options:

Management Training Workshops

Management Training Workshops

Our inhouse training workshops are both highly effective and affordable training options for your leadership team. Tailored to group size, our coaches can run a wide range of topics on Management / Leadership Skills at in-house / external training sessions, conferences, or for individual coaching.

  • Highly practical training workshops - Focusing on learnable behaviours that your leaders can implement and will use
  • Tailored to suit management level, and your business requirements
  • Affordable and cost-effective method of training
  • Wide range of topics - Ranging from management/leadership skills to personal effectiveness

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Leadership Coaching

Employee Coaching

Our results-driven process to employee development will dramatically improve the leadership skills of selected managers with strategic employee coaching:

  • Start with research-based behavioural surveys to identify workplace competencies and areas for improvement
  • Use 360-degree surveys to identify gaps in workplace performance from the perspective of surrounding colleagues
  • Leadership skills and behaviours are developed strategically by expert coaches - Personal development plans and strategies
  • Maximise the skills of your key managers and leaders

We'll help you to develop your leadership skills and maximise performance, to achieve real business outcomes and results. With a research-driven methodology and coaching experience, your business will notice dramatic improvements in work behaviour and performance - both from leaders and their teams.

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