Employee Salary Offers

Recruitment Coach will help you determine a figure within your budget which meets the candidate's expectations. It is often very difficult for businesses to know what to offer a potential new employee. A default guestimation is frequently used such as New Salary = Current Salary + 5 or 10% which assumes:

  • The employees' previous salary was fair
  • The employee wants to make slightly more money than in previous role
  • The previous and new roles are the same and therefore the same remuneration structure should apply.

In reality, the correct remuneration offer for your new employee is actually a combination of six factors:

  • Current salary
  • Market salary 
  • Employee expectations 
  • Employee motivators
  • Key business targets
  • Budget

Recruitment Coach will also teach you how to take the focus away from pure salary based remuneration and motivate your employees with retention strategies including longer term incentives and profit based rewards.

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