Employee Policies & Procedures

Use a simple set of employee policies and procedures to show your staff what's expected - reducing confusion and the risk of future performance problems.

Recruitment Coach will help your business to reduce policy complexity, whilst creating an effective written standard for performance and behavioural expectations:

Employee Policies & Procedures

We believe in comprehensive, clear staff policies and procedures that are easily understood by all managers, employees, or contractors.

HR Policies & Procedures

Recruitment Coach is here to help your business reduce the confusion with simple and effective policies and procedures:

  • Any policy/procedure can be created to suit your requirements
  • Easy process - We do all the work!
  • Created by experienced HR experts
  • Fully customised to your business

With our flexible solutions, we can offer as much or as little support as your business needs - from creating highly effective policies, to helping you to achieve staff buy-in on new policies/procedures.

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Employee Manuals & Handbooks

Take employee policies and procedures to the next level, with an expertly designed employee handbook. Our coaches will help with simple, practical handbooks that detail the important areas and help staff to excel in your workplace:

Employment Manuals & Handbooks

  • Incorporate policies/procedures, your workplace culture and other important areas into a simple and attractive manual
  • Reinforce the most important parts of your workplace to employees - Mission/goals, culture, and benefits
  • Fully customised to your business and branding

Recruitment Coach will help you communicate workplace expectations, benefits, and procedures in an attractively branded, easy-to-read, and simple employee handbook.

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