How to Write a Job Ad that Attracts Top Talent

With the huge number of jobs advertised each day, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out in the crowd for the right reasons. As the competition for talent grows tougher, it’s essential to write a great job advertisement to attract the best candidates.

With an effective job advertisement, you will attract talented candidates who are not only right for the position, but who are excited about working for your business!

There are plenty of simple methods to make your job advertisement appeal to the best jobseekers - and you don't need to be a top-notch writer. Here are our top tips to ensure your job advertisement will attract top talent:

Top 6 Tips to Write an Effective Job Advertisement:

1.    Show candidates what they’ll do day-to-day

First things first, the job ad should describe the actual role. While this sounds obvious, so many job advertisements simply list the requirements for a position and the job title, leaving the rest up to the jobseeker’s imagination.

While it’s important to include requirements and other areas, the first thing to sell is the job itself and its day-to-day-responsibilities. The best candidates will be looking for a job that excites them, so they’ll want to know the details of what they’ll be expected to do. As a minimum, specify the primary aim of the position and a few of the major responsibilities.

2.    Specify what it takes to succeed in the role

Before you advertise the role, your business should be clear on what kind of person would succeed in the role. This doesn’t mean drawing up a huge list of requirements, but simply considering what traits and qualifications would be needed to do the job well.

One of the primary benefits of including requirements in an advertisement is that unqualified candidates can ‘pre-screen’ themselves out and avoid wasting both their time and yours. However, be sure to specify which requirements are ‘essential’ and which are ‘ideal’, so that almost-qualified candidates who may excel will still apply.

3.    Sell your business

Why would a top candidate want to work for your business? Remember that the best workers can work for almost any business for their choice – so be clear on why they should choose you.

Brainstorm some of the benefits of working in the role and within your business, and include those in the advertisement. Consider team environment, workplace culture, social benefits, perks, opportunities for development – the possibilities are endless. By including benefits, you’ll get future employees excited about working in your business before they even apply!

4.     Show your business’ or team’s personality

What is the workplace culture like within your business? Show potential employees what it’s like to work with you in the job advertisement. You’ll screen out candidates who won’t fit into your culture, whilst exciting jobseekers who will fit in. Simply explain what your business values and describe the team environment. Are you a team of creative pioneers with a thirst for innovation? Does your team consider itself a close-knit and supportive ‘family’? Use a few brief words or sentences to paint an accurate picture of the work environment and you’ll attract the right people.

5.    Make the job advertisement readable

Visually attractive, well-written job ads are more likely to be read. Adverts don’t need a graphic designer behind them, but they do need to be easily read for a jobseeker to pay attention. Using only bullet points or turning the ad into what looks like a long essay will make your ad hard to read. Formatting plays a huge role in online advertisements – simply use bullet points and headings to break up the information.

6.    Proof read

The easiest and most important way to write an attractive job advertisement is to proofread before posting. It’s very easy to make a simple spelling or grammar error that will turn off jobseekers. As proof of how easy it is to make a critical error in a job advertisement, trying searching a job site for a ‘Manger’. You’ll be surprised at how many companies seem to be hiring Mangers, instead of Managers! Double-check all advertisements before posting, and if possible, get someone else to look over the advertisement as well.

As the war for talent heats up, it will be more essential than ever to show candidates why they should work with you. With a well-written job advertisement, your business will stand out – for all the right reasons.

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